Caviro’s partner CHR Hansen awarded “World’s Most Sustainable Company” at WEF 2019

At Caviro, we take pride in how we work towards our vision every day.
Today, we are particularly proud to announce that our long-standing partner and client, Danish bioscience firm CHR Hansen, has received the award of “Most Sustainable Company in the World” at the 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

CHR Hansen’s, which celebrates its 145th anniversary next month, develops ‘good’ bacteria and enzymes to naturally preserve food, protect plants and reduce the use of antibiotics in agriculture. Their purpose is “to deliver natural innovative solutions that address global challenges by advancing food, health, and productivity”. Sounds familiar? It does to us.

Our sustainability philosophy at Caviro matches CHR Hansen’s policy of “NATURE’S NO. 1™” , and not by chance. In fact, we strongly believe in choosing the right partners to deliver on our mission at the peak of our capacity, not just capacity for mere profitability, but capacity for good.

With over 100 million Euros invested in sustainability initiatives since 2009, the Caviro Group continues to lead the development of a circular economy that turns waste products of agrifood industry into resources.

Caviro Extra currently recovers more than 99% of the waste products treated, sending just fewer than 1% for disposal.
Our model of circular economy allows us to recover the majority of waste products and create value from the by-products of vine all the way to energy production and organic farming.
The fact that about 82% of CHR Hansen’s revenue directly supports the UN Global Goals is nothing but an inspiration to us, and a testament to the kind of people we like to be in business with.

Our partnership with CHR Hansen’s revolves around yet another innovative and sustainable solution that finds its roots in nature: the extraction of Oenocyanin, a natural food colouring, from grape skins.

The color is extracted from the grape skins after the grapes have been used to produce red wine. In other words, waste is turned into a resource in a circular economy partnership between CHR. Hansens and the Italian company Caviro.

Gabriele Bassi, Chief Operating Officer of Caviro Extra, explains how the process works:
“After sending the red marc to the plants through mechanical shovels, the color is extracted through a countercurrent water wash.”

“Our facility processes roughly 100,000 tons of marc each year” – adds Fabio Baldazzi, General Manager of Caviro Extra – “we select the best part of the grapes, those with the highest content of anthocyanins, and we process them specifically for CHR Hansen’s value-added product”.

The value-adding cycle doesn’t end there:
“The residual exhausted pomace is then used to produce oil, as well as thermal and electric energy.” – continues Bassi – “All the energy used in the Faenza plant is completely renewable and self-produced within the site. At the end, any residue becomes part of a fertiliser used in the fields, closing the whole cycle of Caviro’s circular economy.”

Annemarie Meisling, Director of Sustainability at CHR. Hansen, defined this system as an ideal scenario that benefits the customers, the industry, and the planet.
“This is a dream scenario from a circular economy standpoint”“Together with our partners in the wine industry, we take a waste product, the grape skins, and develop them into a natural color. This benefits the consumer that wants a clean and natural product, it benefits our partners in the wine industry, and it benefits the environment as well. It really makes me proud to work in this company.”

The Caviro Group is thrilled to join the rest of the world in congratulating the CHR. Hansen’s team on this amazing accomplishment.


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