An in-depth seminar entitled "The added value of wine industry by-products" focused on recovery technologies for the extraction of bioactive compounds and bioenergy from pomace.

BIOVALE is the name of an innovative project for the recovery of winemaking by-products promoted by AGER (Agri-food and Research) and was presented a few days ago at Caviro in Faenza during the workshop "The added value of wine industry by-products".

"BIOVALE is one of the most important recovery projects linked to the wine sector that has ever been financed," points out Rosa Prati, head of Caviro's Research and Development department. "The technologies developed within BIOVALE are absolutely futuristic and could already be successfully integrated into the supply chain in the coming months. "

The recovery technologies perfected within the project, which are standardised and replicable in many oenological industries, have already passed the experimental phase, thanks to pilot projects developed in collaboration with the Universities of Udine, Bologna and Rome "Tor Vergata".

Specifically, BIOVALE includes SFE - Supercritical Fluid Extraction technology, which involves the extraction of bioactive compounds from grape pomace using "supercritical carbon dioxide", i.e., under high pressure and without the use of harmful chemical solvents, together with a technology that transforms the by-products of wine production into bioelectricity through a system of energy recovery cells (Microbial Fuel Cells).

The BIOVALE project therefore focuses on the concept of "biorefinery" as the transformation of biomass into a wide range of bio-based products and bioenergy. According to the European Commission, biorefineries will be central to improving the efficiency of resource use and the prevention of waste production in the circular economy.

The seminar, organised by Caviro and moderated by Prof. Fabio Fava (University of Bologna), was attended by the project coordinator Prof. Carla Da Porto (University of Udine), Silvia Licoccia (University of Rome 2), Lorenzo Bertin (University of Bologna) and Rosa Prati from Caviro's Research and Development area.

Caviro was founded in 1966 in Faenza, Italy, to promote the grapes of its members in a region rich in local identity and with a strong vocation for winemaking. Today Caviro represents 12,800 wine growers in 7 regions and, since it deals with 10% of all Italian grapes, it is the largest winery in Italy and the leading company in terms of volume of Italian wine produced.

Caviro is also at the forefront in promoting a sustainable production model with a low environmental and social impact.

The Caviro Extra division is committed to the recovery of by-products, which are transformed into noble products for the food, pharmaceuticals and agriculture industries and, thanks to recent investments, also into biomethane. In addition, what remains is transformed into energy from renewable energy sources, thanks to its joint venture, Enomondo.

Download the seminar proceedings

Download the seminar proceedings


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