Advanced Bioethanol

Also known as biofuel, bioethanol is an alcohol extracted from the by-products of grape processing, particularly pomace.

It is used as a natural and automotive fuel, directly blended with petrol and/or for the production of ETBE (ethyl tertiary butyl ether)

In the Faenza plant there is a denaturing plant dedicated to the production of blends (E-5 to E-85), compounds that contain a percentage of ethanol and the remainder of gasoline, which can be used for automotive purposes. It is particularly sought after on the European market, as it counteracts the emission of CO2 of fossil origin.

Caviro Extra bioethanol has obtained sustainability certification for GHG (greenhouse gas) emission saving.

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The use of advanced bioethanol as a green energy source results in fossil fuel savings.
The annual green energy production of Caviro Extra avoids the emission of as much as 101,000 tonnes of CO2 of fossil origin. This result is obtained considering all the energy sources produced: biomethane, bioethanol, electricity and thermal energy.
An emission saving, in terms of greenhouse gas quotas, comparable to the annual absorption of a forest of about 19,000 hectares.


Advanced Biomethane

Ever since the 1980s, Caviro Extra has been producing biogas, a gaseous fuel obtained from the fermentation in the absence of oxygen (anaerobic digestion) of residual materials from the food processing industry. The process is carried out at a controlled temperature by active microorganisms that convert the raw material into biogas, most of which consists of methane, and the remainder of CO2 and other minor components.

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The total production of electricity obtained annually at the Faenza site is approximately 100 Gwh; the group has also recently installed some recharging columns for electric vehicles at the Faenza plant, which are available free of charge to customers of the nearby Caviroteca in addition to company...

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