EXTRA Mosti ed Estratti

MCT e MCR, grape juices, pips, oenocyanin


Caviro Extra, thanks to the Caviro group’s wine-making industry, gathers the musts deriving from grape pressing from its cooperative wineries.

These products have their own local characteristics, since they are present in 7 Italian regions, and have the typical qualities of musts produced from wine-producing grapes.

Thanks to Caviro Extra’s monitoring and selection along the supply chain, it represents a safe choice as regards the origin of a raw material that is so important and is well suited to the specifications of IGP products, quality certifications and current Italian and EU regulations relating to the wine-making industry.

From discarded marc, the Extra Mosti ed Estratti division also obtains the grape pips required by the food and para-pharmaceutical industries and, from those that are particularly red, it extracts oenocyanin, a natural red food colouring.


The Extra Mosti ed Estratti division develops a range of ingredients with high added value which can be employed in many industrial sectors. The main industries are:

THE FOOD INDUSTRY The Mosto Concentrato Rettificato (rectified concentrated must) is a transparent liquid grape sugar, which consists of half glucose and half fructose.
It is suitable for the new request for healthy and more natural food, because it is a stronger sweetener than sucrose with a reduced calorie content, which is more easily digested and assimilated. A biological version is also available, and it is a valid ingredient for yoghurt and its derivatives, ice cream, desserts, drinks and fruit juices, baking products, sweet and sour condiments and fruit in syrup. Oenocyanin, extracted from the skin of red grapes, also interests the food industry. It is a natural colouring from the group of anthocyanins whose main use is in the food sector, where it is known as E163.

OENOLOGY AND VINEGARS Caviro produces musts for oenological use, mainly: Mosto Concentrato Tradizionale (traditional concentrated must), used to improve the organoleptic characteristics of wines, derives solely from vitis vinifera (wine grapes), making it suitable also for the production of high quality wines; Mosto Concentrato Rettificato is ideal for the natural enrichment of musts and new wines that are still fermenting during the grape harvesting season, in the sweetening and preparation of high quality still and sparkling wines.
Caviro Extra is certified for the production of Mosto Cotto (cooked must) and Mosti Concentrati (concentrated musts) suitable for balsamic vinegar from Modena IGP, deriving from vines that comply with the specifications. It is also used for the treatment of biological products under CE 834/07 regulations.

PARAPHARMACEUTICALS, NUTRACEUTICALS, COSMETICS From a selection of fresh unfermented marc, the pips are extracted, separating them from the skins and stems, so that they can then be used to extract polyphenols, which are natural antioxidants used in many sectors and the fundamental ingredients of many new and innovative products.


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