White and red concentrated grape juice

The must of white or red grapes, deriving from vines for table wine and beverages and selected on the basis of its organoleptic characteristics, is dehydrated of part of its water to a concentration level previously agreed with the customer.



Non-caramelised grape juice, obtained by partial dehydration of white or red grape juice.


In the beverage industry, for reconstitution to fruit juice or for the preparation of multi-fruit drinks.
As a sweetener in the preparation of jams, yoghurt, ice cream or other food products.


Low temperatures lead to the precipitation of tartrates and the crystallisation of sugars in this product; storage should be maintained at a temperature of 10-20°C for a limited period, also depending on storage and packaging conditions.


Grape Sugar

Forty years of experience in this sector have placed Caviro Extra at the forefront of production technology and product knowledge.
A peculiar characteristic of grape sugar, not found in other sugars, is the presence of pentose and hexose sugars and sweet polyalcohol, which are obtained thanks to a...

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Boiled must (Saba)

The must is boiled and concentrated at atmospheric pressure until it reaches the ideal conditions for caramelization of the sugars in line with the high-quality natural components of the must, which will then become a highly characterful ingredient for condiments.

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