Enomondo e Caviro Extra
Economia Circolare al MoMeVi

Faenza 22|23|24 Marzo 2019

Enomondo, azienda partecipata da Caviro Extra, sarà fra i protagonisti dell'edizione 2019 di MOMEVI / MAF - Mostra della Meccanizzazione Vitivinicola / Mostra Agricoltura Faenza - due delle rassegne professionali più longeve d'Italia - nate in un territorio di grande...

At Caviro, we take pride in how we work towards our vision every day.
Today, we are particularly proud to announce that our long-standing partner and client, Danish bioscience firm CHR Hansen, has received the award of “Most Sustainable Company in the World” at the 2019 World Economic Forum in Dav...

The Christmas holidays are a moment of joy and sharing for the whole community.
This year Caviro Extra has contributed to the splendid festive decorations in the historic centre of Faenza by providing Christmas lights for the large fir tree between the Cathedral and the monumental fountain.

Caviro Extra at Ecomondo, stories of excellence in the circular economy. Caviro Extra also take part in the "Cyrcular Economy Stories - Gallery and Show" format, a new way of telling the horizons of the recycling economy and the valorization of waste materials.

Yesterday afternoon, at the Ecomondo fair in Rimini, the Caviro Group presented Caviro Extra, the new brand that replaces Caviro Distilleries, a historic brand recognized in the sector for its technological expertise in biorefinery.
The contents and aims of the new brand were illustrated by Fabi...