Oenocyanin is a natural reddish-purple dye, represented by anthocyanin pigments contained in the skins of red grapes.
Natural dyes are increasingly in demand in food preparations and Caviro Oenocyanin Extra, extracted from red grape skins, is a product of the highest quality.



Anthocyanins extracted from red grape skins and concentrated under vacuum.


In the food and beverage sector, to colour products such as yoghurt, ice cream, syrups, soft drinks and liqueurs.


The concentrated and slightly sulphited product can be stored for 6 months at room temperature, away from light and heat sources.


Grape seeds for polyphenols

Caviro Extra produces dried grape seeds for the extraction of polyphenols (OPC), compounds with high anti-oxidant properties that are used to maintain a healthy body.
Obtained from fresh grape pomace of selected origins and varieties for maximum polyphenol content, through a separation and drying p...

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Grape seeds for Oil

The pomace that Caviro Extra collects in large quantities from Caviro Group's member wineries, and from other wineries in various regions of Italy, contains small pips, called grape seed; this contains within it 10-20% of a valuable oil, rich in linoleic acid, with its anti-cholesterol Omega-6 prope...

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Tannins (OPC)

The tannin produced by Caviro Extra is a natural extract from Italian grape seeds.
The tannin produced by Caviro Extra is a natural extract from Italian grape seeds.
Caviro collects quality seeds and produces the polyphenolic extract, which takes the form of an ochre powder, rich in antioxidants s...

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