The Caviro Group has presented its SECOND SUSTAINABILITY REPORT, a new stage in a journey that has been underway for over 50 years. From the vineyard to the transporting of the finished product, through the optimisation of waste and the development of a completely circular economy model: Caviro's activities have proved to be sustainable and capable of enhancing the value of its members' products, while safeguarding the ethical, environmental and economic aspects.

Sustainable development is a concept inherent in Caviro's cooperative DNA. The company is not merely concerned with the maximisation of profit, but also, and above all, it values people and the desire to ensure that their needs are met without compromising those of future generations.

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The three pillars of sustainability

Making the most of every resource to design a better and more responsible future is the objective that Caviro pursues, based on three principles: Ecological, Economic and Ethical sustainability.

Ecological Sustainability, because the virtuous model of the circular economy brings great benefits to the territory;
Economic sustainability, because the Group's balance sheets reflect solidity and allow for long-term projects;
Ethical sustainability, because the effects of the Group's commitment are positively reflected in the supply chain and the communities it serves.

Transforming the by-products of the wine and agro-industrial chain into products with high added value is the mission of Caviro Extra, the Group company that makes the virtuous circle "From the Vine to the Vine" possible. Its aim is to eliminate the concept of waste, considering every raw material as a precious resource that can be processed and transformed into a new natural ingredient to be put back into circulation.

It is a cycle that unites man and the environment, the vine and the land, the present and the future.

The Caviro Group's circular economy figures

In the 2019/2020 winegrowing year alone, 73,000 tonnes of pomace and 24,000 tonnes of lees were transformed into noble products.

Caviro has long since taken the path of renewable energy sources, producing sustainable energy from its own processing waste, as well as waste from other companies in the food sector.
The development of services related to the environment has led to the establishment of Enomondo, a company managed in partnership with the Hera Group and responsible for the production of renewable electricity from grape processing waste and pruning. Caviro obtains 100% of its energy requirements from this process, making it totally self-sufficient.
The numbers at a glance:
555,000 tonnes per year of agro-industrial waste processed
+99% share of waste recovery and valorisation
Total energy self-sufficiency: 100% green energy
A saving of 82,000 thousand tonnes of CO2 of fossil origin for the environment

Adherence to the UN 2030 Agenda

Caviro's idea of all-round sustainability is also evident in its alignment with as many as 7 goals of the UN 2030 Agenda. In fact, Caviro:
● advocates the protection of people's wellbeing and health, by developing human resources and promoting consumer safety (Goal 3)
● works to promote universal access to clean energy by producing renewable energy (Goal 7)
● supports employment and sustainable economic growth by developing new products, internationalising and strengthening profitability and business strength (Goal 8)
strives for fair and responsible industrialisation (Goal 9)
● encourages the adoption of sustainable production and consumption models, with the circularity of its production cycle (Goal 12)
● protects local wine production through the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices that combat climate change (Goal 13)
● promotes responsible and inclusive societies, working together with local and national institutions (Goal 16).


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